Anna Williams


Vice President of Marketing

Anna Williams is the Vice President of Marketing for Dacra.  As Vice President of Marketing, Williams oversees the implementation of the overall brand strategy for Dacra and its related businesses in the U.S. and abroad. This includes managing corporate communications, as well as all visual and verbal manifestations of the brand with external audiences. During the course of her tenure at Dacra, Williams has led the marketing and comprehensive branding efforts in the Miami Design District that distinguish the neighborhood as a major international destination for commerce and culture.

Williams served as Vice President of Design Miami/ through 2020, overseeing the financial planning and contributed to the business strategy and expansion planning for the fairs that take place annually in Miami, Florida and Basel, Switzerland.  She worked on Design Miami/  starting from its inception and was an integral part of the team that nurtured its international growth over a decade.

Prior to joining Dacra in 2005, Williams held a variety of marketing and communications positions at companies including the Cisneros Television Group, and Island Trading Inc.

Williams has previously served on the ICA Next Committee, the Locust Project Committee, the Committee for Arts & Business Council and was on the Executive Board for Design Miami/.

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