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The Anaphiel Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public charity that supports an ongoing dialogue about art, its relation to our time and to public spaces. Established in Miami in 2005 by Craig Robins, the Foundation works to increase awareness of creative expression and the role of art in everyday life. It's primary initiative, "Arts Education for the 21st Century," is an effort to synthesize the most innovative thinking in the field of art education and to apply that knowledge to the creation of the Institute for Art and Research in Miami.

The Foundation oversaw a symposia series to rethink art education in the 21st Century in 2005-2006. Participants included Sam Keller, John Baldessari, Bonnie Clearwater and Terry Riley. Results from the series were released in a book published by M.I.T.

For more information visit www.anaphiel.org
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